Have you fallen in love with Destin, Florida? If so, you certainly wouldn’t be the first person to come under the spell of our Gulfside city. With its beautiful beaches and charming atmosphere, the Emerald Coast is simply irresistible for the millions of vacationers who visit each year. To confirm that you’re completely head over heels for Destin FL, see if you’re showing any of the following signs:

1. You Have Thousands of Photos from Destin

Do beautiful white sand beaches greet you when you unlock your smartphone or log onto your computer? Is your house filled with framed vacation photos from the Emerald Coast? Destin is one of the most beautiful places in the country, so we don’t blame you for taking a ton of pictures during your visit! Anyone who is truly smitten with Destin will find that they have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos to sift through from their many trips to the Florida Panhandle.

2. You Constantly Check the Destin Weather Forecast

Are you always checking the weather forecast in Destin, even when you’re supposed to be working? When the weather is dreary back home, devotees of Destin like to fantasize about enjoying the tropical climate of the Emerald Coast. Nothing makes you want to book a trip to the Gulf Coast quite like seeing a forecast that calls for sunny skies and highs in the 80s!

3. You’re Always Craving Seafood

If you constantly have a hankering for seafood, your stomach (or possibly your heart) is trying to tell you that it’s time to head to Destin FL! Known as “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”, our city is famous for its fresh seafood. For a fine dining experience during your next vacation, be sure to visit Primrose at The Henderson. This restaurant offers delicious seafood dishes along with stunning views.

4. You Frequently Drop Hints About Visiting Destin

Do you “accidentally” leave websites about Destin open on your browser before your significant other takes over the computer? Have you been buying new swimsuits and conspicuously leaving them around the house? These tactics are common among those who are enamored with the Emerald Coast. Destin is the ideal destination for anniversaries, honeymoons, and other couple’s getaways, so we think it’s perfectly acceptable to drop some major hints about where to take your next romantic vacation.

5. You Start Planning Your Next Trip During Your Vacation

When you’re truly in love with Destin, you can’t wait to start planning your next vacation – even when you’re already here! If you’re absolutely obsessed with Destin, your favorite way to pass the time on the beach is booking future getaways on your smartphone. The most dedicated vacationers already have their next three trips to the Emerald Coast mapped out by the time their current escape ends.

6. The Henderson Park Inn Feels Like Your Second Home

Frequent visitors to Destin know that The Henderson is the perfect place for a vacation on the Florida Panhandle.

If you’re a Destin fanatic, The Henderson feels like your home away from home.

To start planning your next escape in Destin FL, The Henderson's Activities page.


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