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Although each person is unique and every life is different in its details, we can categorize the general areas of operation that are common to all lives.  A wellness wheel gives us a way to look at the overall health of a life by grouping the general activities and aspects that make up each life.  For our lives to be as happy and healthy as possible, each area of our lives needs to be well-balanced.  Just like an engine to works properly when each of its components is whirring along smoothly, so our lives work best when we are fulfilled in multiple areas.

Our concept of Social Wellness basically includes our relationships and interactions with other people.  No man is an island, and we all interact with others.  Most of us have families.  In school and at our jobs, we deal with other students, co-workers, supervisors, or customers.  We have friends and acquaintances.  We may belong to clubs or other organizations, or we may participate in charitable activities.

Several questions are appropriate in assessing the social aspect of our lives.  Are you able to resolve conflicts with others?  Are you aware of the feelings of others, and do you respond appropriately?  Are you aware of and able to set and respect your own and others’ boundaries?  Do you have a sense of belonging and not being isolated?  Fundamentally, do you ENJOY other people?  Since we all have interaction to a greater or lesser degree, we want it to be as satisfying as possible!

Environmental wellness is, perhaps, a newer addition to many wellness wheels.  The ways in which our environment affects our lives has been an older consideration.  Our surroundings affect us:  the beauty of the scenery, the weather, the availability of things we need or want, the community we are in.  All of these things add or detract from our enjoyment and sense of well-being.

Lately, a different slant has come into play. How do WE affect our environment? Do we respect it? Do we protect it? Are we mindful of environmental needs, both in the present and in the future?  Do we realize the results of our actions on the world around us?  The answers to these questions are becoming more and more important to the happiness of many people, and with their sense of satisfaction in their lives.

In summary, why not take a look at your own wellness wheel?  Take a closer look at each area of your life and consider whether it is adding to or detracting from your overall happiness, enjoyment and quality of life.  Remember, there is no “right” or “wrong” wheel.  You are unique.  Your responses will vary depending on your age and stage of life.  Let your wheel work for you.

Is your wheel as well-rounded as you want it to be?  How does your life roll?  We want it to roll smoothly, happily, and healthily! Call us at 1-855-741-277 to book a stay at The Henderson, and get your life moving in a positive direction! 



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