Wellness Tips

Salamander Spa Wellness Tips
by Jennifer Mayo, Director of Salamander Spa at Destin

Combat stress and anxiety with a simple breathing exercise. A few times a day, breathe in through your nose to a count of five, hold for a count of five, and exhale through your mouth to a count of seven. Repeat.

Enjoy the Moment.
The core of mindfulness is being in the present moment. Focus your awareness on your friends, family and loved ones. Enjoy the smells from the kitchen or open the windows and enjoy the sound of rain or birds chirping.

Stay Hydrated.
Keeping up with never-ending family and work obligations can leave you dehydrated. Remember to use a water bottle and keep it with you throughout the day.

Take “Me” Time.
Keeping your spirits high requires taking time out for yourself. Take a walk. Read a book. Take a warm bath. You will always be a better giver when you take time out for self-care.

Be Grateful.
Take time to think about what you are most grateful for and share with coworkers, friends and loved ones your gratitude for each one of them.



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