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Wellness wheels give us a framework with which to consider the areas of our lives.  Any wheel rolls better and more smoothly when it is well-rounded. Our cars drive better when the wheels are in balance; our lives are smoother and happier when they are well-balanced.

We’ve been talking a lot about a tool called a “wellness wheel.” This tool enables us to look at the different areas of our life and consider how healthy and well-balanced our lives are. The Spiritual and Emotional components of our lives are important slices of our wellness wheel.

In our spiritual lives, we include our faith, our church affiliation and traditions, our prayer lives, and our understanding of being subject to a greater power.  Our personal philosophies and our definitions of the meaning of life are parts of our spiritual lives.

Your sense of well-being and serenity, the peace you experience or lack, is directly influenced by your spiritual state.  We all seek a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives.  Those considerations are very personal and are related to our guiding principles, ethics, and morals.  Our spiritual lives aren’t just about lofty thoughts; considerations in our everyday lives are also involved, such as whether we trust others, or whether we can forgive others or ourselves.

In your Emotional life, are you positive and enthusiastic?  Are you able to express your feelings freely?  Are you aware of your feelings, thoughts, and philosophies?  Can you make a realistic assessment of your limitations?  Do you take responsibility for your actions?  Do you recognize what causes you stress or conflict?  Are you able to cope with your stress?

Emotional stability is an important part of a well-balanced life. When you can control your emotions, you have more control in your life.  In turn, you will be better able to adapt to change. You’ll recognize better who and what pushes your buttons. You’ll be better equipped to express your feelings appropriately. You are more likely to be able to comfort or console yourself when you are troubled.  You’re less likely to give mixed signals that confuse others.

Your emotional control is important in your ability to develop and maintain close relationships.  If you feel positive about yourself and your life, you’re also usually just more fun to be around! Don’t you try to associate with people who have positive attitudes?  And avoid people who are down all the time and bring down those around them?!

Be aware of where you are spiritually, and of how your spiritual life is affecting your overall life. Seek out counselors that you trust.  Be mindful of how you deal with your emotions.  When you can control them, your prospect for happiness is greater; when they control you, you may be in for a wild ride.  Here at The Henderson, we’ve created a peaceful, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere to give you the space to examine your spiritual and emotional sides.  Call us at 1-855-741-277 to book your stay today! 



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