Here at The Henderson, we’re serious about wellness in all areas of our lives. Our goal is for you to feel healthy and vibrant in your emotional, intellectual, financial and physical lives! In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the Physical and Intellectual areas and at what makes them well-balanced and well-rounded.

Physical fitness and physical health are familiar topics today.  How much time do we spend exercising? Are our children getting enough physical recreation? Do people get enough sleep? What can you do to have more energy?  A day can hardly go by without hearing or seeing appeals to eat better, more nutritious foods.  How well we manage our weight is important to our physical health, and it’s also important to our self-image.

Well-rounded lives are certainly promoted by good physical health. Eat wisely, considering both quantity and quality. Get regular check-ups. It’s even important to be mindful of practices that we don’t hear as much about, such as having good posture and practicing good personal hygiene.

Intellectual wellness may be a more subtle area than our physical health, but it is equally important to a healthy overall life.  Whether we realize it or not, we’re always learning.  But what are we learning, and how are we putting that knowledge to use in our lives?

The Intellectual sphere of our lives obviously involves our formal education, but throughout our lives, we constantly encounter people and experiences that educate us in various ways.  Our earliest and, perhaps, longest-lasting learning experiences usually come from our parents and families.  Beyond them come school-teachers and formal studies.  As we take jobs and begin careers, we often have mentors whom we look to and learn from.  We learn from job experiences and family experiences. We become interested in other areas that lead us to learn through hobbies or recreational reading or keeping up with current events.

Hopefully, the things we learn lead us to greater creativity and curiosity and critical thinking.  Are you curious about and open to new ideas and experiences that help you continue to grow intellectually?

Lifelong learning is a component of a healthy overall life, just as maintaining good physical health is a part of an enjoyable life.  Use your intellect and your physical ability in good ways. Consider the ways you are able to help others as a result of what you know and what you are physically able to do.  You will be happier, and you will help others to be happier.



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