The Henderson Artist Project

Throughout the planning, construction, furnishing, and management of The Henderson, one of our fundamental principles has always been to showcase the beauty of the Florida panhandle in ways that will enhance the experience of our guests during their stay.  From the clear water of the Gulf of Mexico, to the fascinating plant, bird, and marine life, to the sand dunes and their incredible vistas, The Henderson is surrounded by natural beauty.

 We’ve made sure that when you’re a guest with us, you’re also surrounded by beauty in the form of artwork created by talented local artists. Because we want our guests to see and enjoy this aspect of the Panhandle’s beauty, a priority in the planning for The Henderson was the commissioning of artwork from local artists.  

 After a long and rigorous selection process, thirteen local artists and artisans were chosen to create custom pieces specifically for The Henderson.  Those artists chosen are:  Melody Bogle, Melissa Mercer Brown, Lori Drew, Barbara Flowers, Justin Gaffrey, Donnie Galli, Russ Gilbert, Mary Hong, Velia Lala, John Maher, Arturo Mennillo, Jeff Waldorff, and JoAnn Williams Walker.  The Henderson now displays 465 pieces from these thirteen artists, thoughtfully placed throughout the resort in order to add beauty and ambiance.

 But we’re not through yet!  As enjoyable as viewing these works can be, we’ve gone even further in our efforts to bring our guests special artistic experiences.  We periodically schedule exhibitions at The Henderson, conducted by some of the thirteen artists whose work is displayed throughout the resort.  Often, those learning experiences include classes conducted by the artist, where our guests can participate and create works of their own to take home and enjoy.

 Examples of past events include Mary Hong’s Shard Worx event, held in July.  In it, Mary led the class and showed new Shard Artists how to create their own masterpieces!  In August, The Henderson Activities Center hosted Pastels “En Plein Air” with Melody Bogle.  Melody instructed guests in the art of pastels.  Then, participants accompanied her to a local site, where they experienced the joy and beauty of painting “en plein air.”  They were able to take home a memento of their trip, their own pastel work!

 In September, you can join Melissa Mercer Brown as she creates a beautiful work of art with you.  Melissa is inspired by the vegetation found along the coastal lakes, bayous and state parks along the Emerald Coast.  Her style of painting often uses texture and translucent layering to capture the changing sea and skies.

 October features “Watercolor and Airbrushing with John Maher.”  In this event, John creates a watercolor and then personally assists you in the creation of your own piece of art!  He also creates airbrushed artwork and shows you his secrets for crafting extraordinary pieces that you can take home with you!

 “Art Techniques with Velia Lala” is scheduled for November.  Find out how to take normal household products and turn them into gorgeous pieces of art.

Click here to find out more about our upcoming art activities.




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