Brighten Up Spa Water & Smoothie

Spa Water

Use fresh fruits and herbs to create your own thirst-quenching, flavor-infused spa water - the combinations are virtually endless. 

Some of our favorites:

Cucumber + Mint
Strawberry + Basil
Ginger + Lemon

Add ingredients to a large mason jar, glass or pitcher of pure spring or filtered water and enjoy. Use organic ingredients whenever possible. 

brighten Up Smoothie

Adding brightly colored fruits and vegetables to your daily diet boost immunity and gives your skin a bright, healthy glow.

2 oranges, skin removed
2 carrots
1 cup frozen or fresh strawberries 
1 apple, sliced and seeded
1/2 cup frozen or fresh pineapple
1 1/2 cups coconut water, chilled
Blend until smooth
Serves 2-3



Kerstin Florian Skincare


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