The Henderson Artist Project

Our Local Artists

Every aspect of The Henderson has been meticulously planned and the art displayed throughout the property is no exception. After a long and rigorous selection process, 13 local Destin artists and artisans were chosen to create custom pieces, specifically for The Henderson. The artists include Melody Bogle, Melissa Mercer Brown, Lori Drew, Barbara Flowers, Justin Gaffrey, Donni Galli, Russ Gilbert, Mary Hong, Veila Lala, John Maher, Arturo Mennillo, Jeff Waldorff, and JoAnn Williams Walker.

Each piece has been thoughtfully placed throughout the resort to add both beauty and ambiance. The result is a stunning coastal resort with an inspired sense of place. Click below to learn more about our local artists, watch videos of them creating the artwork throughout the resort, visit their websites or visit their galleries. 

Velia Lala

Velia’s talents are showcased through a multitude of artistic techniques that include acrylic, mixed medium, epoxy high gloss, photography and body casting/bronzing. 

Arturo Mennillo

The late Arturo Mennillo's pieces adorn the Historic Hallway and guestroom corridors.

Arturo was the area’s principal photographer in the 1940s 50s and 60s before becoming the official photographer for the U.S Embassy.

Arturo was a prolific photojournalist with articles and images appearing in Life, Time, and Newsweek magazines. His legacy of his vast collection of photo negative depicting important events that occurred during the 30-year period of the local area’s history.

Arturo captured and preserved the places and people of Ft. Walton Beach, Destin and surrounding area’s of pristine beaches, sport fishing, U.S. presidents, celebrity visits and dignitaries among others.

At The Henderson, a guest can learn much about the area's history from these images.