Wellness / Fitness

It’s everything you need to maintain your physical and personal well-being throughout your stay. A radiant, full-service fitness facility featuring indoor and outdoor workout areas, a glistening family-friendly pool with tranquil lazy river and quiet adult zone, and a number of fitness programs for everyone to enjoy. Your workouts have never felt—or looked—so good.

The fitness room is officially staffed from 9 am- 5 pm Daily | Open 24 hours 

March Fitness Calendar 


Class Offerings May Include*

Fitness Walk

A morning or afternoon stroll around the property to awaken and revitalize your senses as you breathe in the fresh air.

Rooftop cycle 

This class is a great cardiovascular workout. Pedal through hill climbs, sprints, and many other challenging drills and exercises.
All levels are welcome. This class is 50 minutes.*

Guided Paddleboarding

Start off your day right with a guided paddle board class as you explore the Gulf waters next to the Henderson State Park. This class is for people of all skill levels.
Must be 10 years of age. This class is 50 minutes. Limited space available.*

Paddle Fit

Paddle Fit consists of a brief safety lesson followed by isometric and core strengthening exercises on the board. Standing on a paddle board instantly activates
your abdominal muscles to keep you balanced and your core is engaged the entire time. This class ends with you feeling very fit and accomplished.
This class is 50 minutes.Limited space available. *

Sunset Yoga

Feel the warmth from rays of the afternoon sun as your body begins to unwind. This class will tone and stretch the muscles through a fusion of vinyasa movements and
static asanas. The aim is to practice at your own pace and level with a steady breath and a calm mind. This class should leave you feeling refreshed with a sense of well being. 
All levels are welcome. This class is 50 minutes. Complimentary for all resort guests.*

Morning Yoga

Come and enjoy the morning Gulf breeze where this class should leave you with lengthened, loosened and released muscles. A combination
of floor and standing postures will be practiced. Breath will aid body in holding poses for longer periods.
This class is 50 minutes. Complimentary for all resort guests.*

*Please refer to the monthly schedule. Based on availability. All outdoor classes are weather dependent. Pricing listed on Fitness Calendar.


Join us at the beach for a high intense, results orientated workout designed to burn calories and tone the entire body.
This class is 50 minutes.*

Full Moon Yoga  

In celebration of the full moon, yoga enthusiasts of all levels are invited to practice yoga under the warm summer night sky while the bright full moon shines above.
This class is 50 minutes. Complimentary for all resort guests. *


Calm your mind, settle your body and find a softer focus to your day. 
This class is 30 minutes. Complimentary for all resort guests.*

Paddle Yoga

Come enjoy the practice of Yoga combined with Stand Up Paddle Boarding! This class takes your favorite yoga routines and put them on the water at our Adult Pool!
This class is 50 minutes.*


Surfset is a full body approach inspired by one of the world’s most athletic sports, and the benefits are not limited to one field of fitness. We draw from the real movements of surfing to create workouts that build balance, core strength, stability, agility, aerobic conditioning, power, lean muscle & coordination. SURFSET® classes are structured for optimal fat burn, muscle build & improved balance.
This class is 45 minutes.*

*Please refer to the monthly schedule. Based on availability. All outdoor classes are weather dependent. Pricing listed on Fitness Calendar.

Gift of The Henderson

Gift of The Henderson

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This winter season, practice prioritizing yourself at Salamander Spa at The Henderson. Your unique journey is tailored specifically to enhance your personal well-being. Take a moment to refresh and rejuvenate.

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For those wanting a more active setting, The Henderson also features a sun-lit fitness room and a variety of other water experiences, including a family-oriented pool with a lazy river and a quiet adult zone.

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